Noah’s Island
Sample pages from a 30 page graphic novel I have produced during my last semester at RISD. Noah’s Island takes place in a not so distant future, where climate change and pollution have driven every nation to the brink of famine and totalitarian dictatorships. A young woman with incredible talent in science seeks to save the world by starting a green energy revolution, but her inventions are taken away from her in order to form an elitist society that keeps advanced renewable technology for their own privileged citizens, while the rest of the world is left to perish. Our young scientist A.K.A Scarecrow, will embark on a journey to Noah’s Island to reclaim her technology and use it for the resurrection of humanity

Graphic Novel Black and White

Feather Crown is a 74 page manga I have written and illustrated during a 2 month intensive comic book course in Kyoto, Japan. The story revolves around Zabuna: a young hunter in a desolated land who is struggling to provide food for her young siblings. One day, after an exhausting chase after a cyber tooth tiger, Zabuna finds a strange girl who stops the hunt and tries to heal and protect the tiger. The girl stands on a carpet of flowers and blooming vegetation in the middle of winter, and she seems to have the power to heal animals and create nature out of nowhere. Zabuna starts calling the girl “demon” for her shaman-like powers, but she still brings her to the village thinking that she could help out her starving siblings. When the “demon” witnesses the villagers' cruel behavior against nature, she summons a giant tiger and attempts to kill Zabuna and her families. Zabuna barely survives the attack, and she sees the “demon” girl disappearing into the bushes. 3 years later, the “demon” girl has created a giant forest filled of deadly creatures surrounding the village, and she hopes to keep out humans from nature so that they can starve to death. Zabuna is alone, but she will have to find the “demon” and learn the secret of her powers, as well as the dark history of humanity that led the demon to her hatred for humans.

Writer and Illustrator
Comic Book project
January 2017